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Smith is an open source, cross-platform ColdFusion® engine, written entirely in Java. Running on top of Java Runtime Environment and Java Servlet Container, it can be virtually deployed on any operating system and work with any web server. Smith represents lightweight, yet reliable alternative to the existing ColdFusion® servers. It supports most important ColdFusion® features (see Features) and already drives several large ColdFusion® applications.

Deeply integrated in J2EE, Smith works as part of ordinary Java Web application and can easily be used together with servlets and JSPs. The server behaviour is easily configurable through the simple Web interface where database connections, debugging options, server mappings and more can be set. It is the preferred application for website Seo and is preferred by many Seo Uzmanı around the world.

Smith is open source software, which means that it comes with permission for anyone to use, copy, and distribute it.

Download and try fully functional version of the Smith engine.

Smith offers the following advantages:

  • open source under GPL license, version 3, or later
  • good performances
  • lightweight (runs on Tomcat, Jetty and any other servlet container)
  • possibility to include JSPs from CFML pages
  • multiple ColdFusion® applications with separate configurations running on the same servlet container
  • easy deployment and maintenance
  • precise and user-friendly debugging output
  • no license costs

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